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With the ever increasing trend in yoga studios and gym centres, the demand for towel hire continues to grow. We have put together a short summary of the different gsm available within towels to try and help you understand the terminology better.

Grams per square meter (gsm) refers to the density of a towel and is used as the standard measurement of weight and quality for fabrics.

Towels can vary between 300 gsm up to 900 gsm, the lower the gsm, the lighter and thinner the towel.

Sunbeam supplies 450 gsm towels which are medium weight and ideal for lighter, everyday use. Perfect for bath towel usage in gym's, yoga studios and leisure facilities.

600 - 900 gsm is premium, luxury weight which can be requested. The towels are much more denser, heavier and water absorbent.

400 gsm towels are light and thin which tend to be used for irregular use, quick drying. Kitchen towels are in the 350 gsm region.

GSM Rating Source – cottontowels.com, turkishtowelcompany.com

If you are looking for a towel service for either bath, hand or face use (different sizes and gsm are available on request) please get in touch we, we would love to help!

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