Happy New Year!

Hope the festive period went well and best wishes for the new year from everyone at Sunbeam.

We now have added signage to our delivery vans, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are considering commercial laundry options, or looking for comparable quotes against your current suppliers.

We would be happy to help!

We cover the following areas on a weekly basis

Woking, Weybridge, Sutton, Richmond, Chiswick, Wembley, Wimbledon, Croydon, Greenwich, Sevenoaks, West End, The City and Canary Wharf.

We look forward to being of service.

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The highest ever rate of new restaurant openings in the capital is recorded in the 25th edition of Harden’s London Restaurants, whose 2016 book was published on 5 November. The guide has tracked restaurant openings since 1991.
The 2016 editionʼs tally of 179 newcomers easily exceeds both the 2008 pre-financial-crash level of 158, and 2015ʼs figure of 148. Although the number of closings, 56, was slightly higher than last yearʼs (at 47, the lowest this century), it is still a modest amount, continuing a 3-year trend of very limited closures.
The resulting net openings of 123 (179-56=123) beat last yearʼs high of 101. The ratio of openings to closings stood at 3:2 to 1, a ratio beaten only once in the guideʼs history (in 1996). In only five of the last 25 years has Hardenʼs recorded a ratio that exceeded 2:4 to 1.
source : Hardens 2016 survey

Sunbeam offers a wide range of options on tablecloth sizes (36',,45',54',70's and more), napkins and a full set of kitchen items for your team including chef jackets, chef trousers, aprons (different sizes and styles), oven, kitchen and glass cloths to support your work needs.

If you need assistance with restaurant or kitchen linen please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Sunbeam Laundry

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Sunbeam Laundry currently serves the following locations on a weekly basis.

We cover London extensively including West End, City, Greenwich, South West London and South East London.

As well as locations in Surrey including Guildford, Woking and Weybridge

Plus locations in Kent and Croydon.

If you require commercial laundry requirements for restaurant linen, kitchen wear, bed linen or towels please do not hesitate and give us a call immediately!

We are always looking forward to increasing our ever growing network and to help serve you best!

Sunbeam Laundry

020 7498 9841

The ever increasing boom in social media platforms and the sharing economy offers many opportunities for the laundry and linen hire industry.

Airbnb offers approx. 25,500 units in London, 52.6% are entire homes , with the number set to increase further.

Serviced apartments and shared economy platforms such as Airbnb continue to provide alternatives for London’s highly demanded accommodation sector. (2014 saw a record 17.4m visitors enter the capital)

For those who need any help meeting these demands, we are pleased to be here to help!

Our bed linen range set includes the following (additional items can be requested)

Bed linen
  • Single sheet
  • Double sheet
  • Single duvet cover
  • Double duvet cover
  • Pillow case

Bath linen
  • Bath towel
  • Hand towel
  • Bathmat

Please do not hesitate to call or send us an enquiry to find out more on how we can assist you.

Sunbeam Laundry
Source - bighospitality

​Dear Customer,

With the festive period fast approaching, Sunbeam is ready and able to help you on any linen requirements you may have.

We can supply on short notice a range of items to make sure all your client xmas parties run smoothly!

- Tablecloths (54x54, 54x70)
- Slips (45x45)
- Napkins
- Chef Jacket, Chef trousers, Chef aprons
*other sizes can also be requested

Please do not hesitate to call or email us to discuss your requirements and hope your festive period is full of fun!

Sunbeam Laundry


​Dear Customer,

With the ever increasing trend in yoga studios and gym centres, the demand for towel hire continues to grow. We have put together a short summary of the different gsm available within towels to try and help you understand the terminology better.

Grams per square meter (gsm) refers to the density of a towel and is used as the standard measurement of weight and quality for fabrics.

Towels can vary between 300 gsm up to 900 gsm, the lower the gsm, the lighter and thinner the towel.

Sunbeam supplies 450 gsm towels which are medium weight and ideal for lighter, everyday use. Perfect for bath towel usage in gym's, yoga studios and leisure facilities.

600 - 900 gsm is premium, luxury weight which can be requested. The towels are much more denser, heavier and water absorbent.

400 gsm towels are light and thin which tend to be used for irregular use, quick drying. Kitchen towels are in the 350 gsm region.

GSM Rating Source – cottontowels.com, turkishtowelcompany.com

If you are looking for a towel service for either bath, hand or face use (different sizes and gsm are available on request) please get in touch we, we would love to help!

Sunbeam Laundry


Dear Customer,

We are now fully operational at our new premises in Colliers Wood.

Sunbeam's story began back in 1992 operating from a 700 sq ft unit in Woking. We have grown over the years moving to Battersea and now to our new location in South-West London which is 5 times in size.

We are capable of taking on large and small orders of napkins, tablecloth, chef jackets, bed sheets, pillows, towels and much more - please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements further.

Thank you for all the support our Customers and dedicated Team have provided to make this possible!

Please do come and visit us, we look forward to serving you soon!


Kind Regards

Nilesh Patel